The tool that is shown in the picture is used to ___.

high place
You need a ___ to reach higher places.

old battery
Some electrical appliances do not need batteries to work. You have to plug them into ___ instead.

magnet funny

Example of magnet that we can find in the kitchen is ___

The same poles will … each other.

toolThe parts of a tool cannot work on their own, they must ___

___ is the natural occurrences of electricity

A compass will always show ___ direction.
jack sparrow 1

The different poles will … each other.

... must be pushed to turn on the lamp.


The circuit needs ... as the power energy.

battery energy
___ stores chemical energy and convert it into electrical energy when needed.

tight screw
We use ___ to tight the screw.

battery symbol
A battery has 2 poles symbol, they are ___.

____ make our work is easier.

easier work

The thing that is shown by the picture is ___.

We need the ___ to turn on this thing.

save electricity

What can you do to save the electricity?

Magnets are used in ___ clasps.

The thing that is shown by the picture is needed to ___ .

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Ms. Yuli

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